Shri J. H. Bhalodia Women’s College, a juvenile Institution working under an Umbrella of Saurashtra Educational Trust, was established in the year 1991 as a sister concern of K. S. N. Kansagara College and Smt. M. T. Dhamsania College, Rajkot. Innovation, Excellence and Perseverance being the foundation stones of our institute, we aim to endow quality education to women of Saurashtra.

It has always to unbolt the doors of opportunities in the field of Commerce and Management of its students. It aims at imparting high level education to its students facilitation all-round development and making them self-determining and competent enough to make their standing in the corporate world.

The institute not merely aims at providing with the academic knowledge but works relentlessly towards generating dynamic global managers : Managers that the corporate world is looking for.