Library of JHBWC is well designed and enriched knowledge hub for students. It is full of reference books, journals, magazines, novels. The resource centre done not only contain literature but also well equipped with very good collection of competitive exam books and materials, contributing in preparing for their career too. Sound IT infrastructure and Wi-Fi connectivity, online resources is the gemstone in the crown of JHBWC library.

Library Resources
  • Books – 15000
  • Journals (National & International) – 38
  • Magazines – 56
  • Newspaper (in 3 Languages) – 12
  • Educational CDs – 125
  • Exam Related reference
    • 1. Previous year’s Exam Question Papers (BBA & B.Com)
    • 2. Previous years Project Reports of BBA

Library Services
  • Manuscripts
  • Reference Groups
  • Reprography
  • Inter Library Loan Serv
  • Information Deployment and Notification
  • Download
  • Printing
  • Bibliography Compilation
  • In-house and remote access to e-resources
  • User Orientation and Awareness
  • Assistance and searching Databases

Faculty Library Advisory Committee
  • Prin. Dr. N. M. Kanani (Economics Dept.)
  • Dr. N. H. Koringa (Accountancy Dept.)
  • Prof. S.C. Vyas ( Management Dept.)
  • Dr. K. H. Atkotiya (Computer Dept.)
  • Prof. R.D. Jadeja (English Dept.)

  • Student Library Committee

Lakhani Urvi Meghani Rinkal Vyas Krishna Tank Sonalika
Rogheliya Niyati Sureja Palak Adesara Payal Chudasama Vaishaliba
Mulchandani Komal Solanki Nidhi Labkamana Jalpa Kacha Radhika
Adesara Shreya Dangar Heena Virani Twinkle Vithlani Riddhi
Gokani Ruchi Rangani Dimple Adroja Krupali
Javiya Riya Gautam Pinky Dangar Dipti
Thoriya Sonal
Chavda Kinjal
Highlights of Student Library Committee Activities
  • Book Fair
    • A student centred event for library enrichment
    • Main motive of the Book Fair was to inculcate reading habits among students.
    • Students suggested the titles from exhibited books.
  • Library Enrichment Program
    • This initiative is aimed to involve librarians and principals of various institutions, dean of university departments and keen readers and authors.
    • All dignitaries are asked to suggest qualitative titles for library. And books suggested by them are considered for store.
  • Career Craft Exhibition
    • For carving the future of students successfully, “Career Craft” exhibition was organized.
    • Exhibition highlighted various career opportunities through direct recruitment and competitive exams.
    • 300 charts prepared by student library committee
    • An excellent initiative was taken by placing details of chart into book.
  • Nari Dhari Sakal Vishwa Tani – Woman Oriented Exhibition
    • Women Empowerment Exhibition
    • Exhibited the journey of problems and prospects of women
    • Showcased pivotal role of women in the entire world
    • Exhibition was conducted in three parts: Power point Presentation, Documentary film and 400 charts showcasing detailed facts and figures of women problems and their solutions.
  • Library Resources Awareness Programs
    • This is a continuous informative initiatives conducted from time to time. It includes orientations for fresher students, presentation on new arrivals by student library committee, notice board updates etc.
Library Enrichment Programme
  • It is rightly said that “Winning organizations are those who are learning organizations. Realizing this fact, Shri J.H. Bhalodia Women’s College endeavors to nurture and cultivate reading habits among students. However it is observed that present scenario seems to be highly discouraging. Students and teachers are absconding from reading. Present education system restricts students to go for examination centered learning only. To bridge this gap between students, teachers and libraries and to transform academic institution into a learning hub, the institution wishes to take an initiative called “Library Enrichment Programme”.
    We highly acknowledge and appreciate your consistent involvement and bondage with the books. We would like to seek your valuable suggestions and remarks to enrich library resources.
  • We request you to donate your valuable time and suggest list of Books/ Magazines/ Resources along with the name of authors and publishers.
    We would be greatly obliged to have your remarks and suggestion in this noble work.
  • Your cooperation is deeply solicited.
  • Feel this form for submitting your requirements and suggestions.